Chimney Corners Resort

Historic Lodge Renovations…the Journey continues…

Last year you may remember our unplanned renovation of Room #4 in our historic Lodge. We were so pleased with the results and our guests were so enthusiastic about the redo, that we made a pact to pick one room per year to completely makeover. And when we say complete, we mean walls, floors, lighting, beds, dressers, linens, decor, and everything that goes in a room!

Room #4 Redo

Which brings us to Room #5. Once a double bed in a tight room at the end of the hall, it was still a bright and sunny room with two windows. As this room is on the “back” corner of the Lodge, it only permitted a small sliver of a view of Crystal Lake, and only if you were standing at the window. Nonetheless, it was a cozy room, and guests were not averse to staying there, if a little cramped. Next door, also on the back side of the Lodge was Room #6. Room #6 was furnished with two twin beds, also a tight squeeze and with only one window facing north towards the woods, could seem a little dark. The main complaint we got about 6 was “it’s just too small”.

Room #5 Pre-Renovation
Room #6 Pre-Renovation

What to do? You can’t exactly bump out the walls and create a bigger space when you are talking about the second floor of a historic 1910 construction. The solution? We merely knock out a wall and combine the two rooms! We no longer have a Room #6, but we have one heckuva Room #5. Officially known as a “suite”, our new and improved room features a California King bed (not as wide as a regular king, but longer – great for all you tall people out there) and a sitting area with a couch that converts to a pullout bed.

New & Improved Lodge #5 comin’ at ya…

We started with the overall gutting of the two rooms, knocking out the wall, and tearing out the old “wallboard” on the ceiling as well as the walls. We can thank the team of Rob Rafferty Construction for all the rough framing, the drywall, and the gorgeous bead board walls and tongue and groove ceilings. They also installed three brand new Anderson windows.

The same hardwood floor we discovered under the carpet when we redid Room #4 last year continued on into this neighboring room, so once again, Mr Natural Floors gave it a sanding and a coat of clear polyurethane. If you look closely, you will notice the floor boards run in opposite directions where the two rooms meet. All part of the vintage charm that still remains, even when we remodel!

What color to paint? Mary Rogers fell in love with the pullout sofa she discovered on sale at Betsie Bay Furniture in Frankfort (our favorite place to shop for all things furniture and accessories). It was a soft orange tweed, an unusual color for sure, but the inspiration for the eventual color choice of Sunset Boulevard. (Someday I want a job naming paint colors.) You might expect orange walls to be garish and harsh, but this orange is a soft tangerine that glows mellowly, brightening the room without overpowering the rest of the decor. Of course, it helps that all of the new bead board walls and trim are painted a crisp, warm white, named Chantilly Lace (again with the vintage overtones – it was fated to be!). Since the combining of the two rooms means there is now THREE windows, all new, with new pull down, cordless blinds, even though it is north and west-facing, it is one of the brightest, sunniest, most uplifting rooms we have!

Sunset Boulevard..perfect name!

Paired with Chantilly Lace white for airy perfection!

Throw in the finished floors, and now we are getting somewheres!

Speaking of Betsie Bay Furniture, it was also the place for our new California King bed and our spiffy new dresser and coffee table. Add in new, smaller “chat” table and chairs to the couch, and you have a cozy place to enjoy your morning coffee, or curl up with a book on those rainy, Northern Michigan days.


We completed our renovations with new lighting (and more of it), new art and new accessories. While our focus for the Room #4 renovation was cool, soothing grays, our goal for this makeover was to kick up the spirit of the room, and give it a warm, friendly and vibrant feel, while still retaining the character of our beloved Lodge. We are sure you will agree! Scroll on for the finished product and more information on renting Room #5 in our historic Lodge.

Sitting Area
Sleeper Couch
California King Bed
Twin Bed pullout couch

You can rent Room #5 throughout the summer by the night for $150 per night. In the spring and fall, your family of three can stay for just $90 per night! Book online, or give us a call at 231-352-7522. We’d love to hear your opinion! Also, if you’re in the area, we are having an Open House to show off our renovations in Room #4 and #5 on June 17th from 4:00-7:00pm.

Gone Fishing (in Crystal Lake)!

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to Northern Michigan is fishing, whether it be on the “big” lake (Michigan), or any of our numerous smaller lakes that dot the region. Chimney Corners Resort, located on scenic M-22 highway, is also on Crystal Lake, one of the deepest. clearest inland lakes in Michigan. According to the DNR, our home lake is home to one of the most diverse fish populations in the state. (,4570,7-153-10364_53405-322819–,00.html). Kevin Wade and his family are long time resort guests who spend part of their vacation time exploring that diversity…with great success! We “caught up” (little fishing pun for you) with Kevin and asked him to share a little of his technique, and his photos from just a couple weeks ago.

Kevin normally is on the hunt for lake trout, salmon and steelhead, all of which are good eating! The salmon and steelhead are the most fun to catch, opines Wade. They use a “down-rigger”, which, for those of you who are not fisherman, is a device which uses trolling and places a line at a desired depth. In this case, they were fishing at 50 to 75 feet down in 70 to 120 feet of water.

They used trolling spoons as bait for these catches, and have had the most success with gold, green and blue lures. Time of day has not seemed to matter much, but if pressed, Wade believes morning and just before sunset are usually the best.

Deep water not your thing? They also have had success with catching pan fish in the shallower water off of the south shore, but have to content themselves with smaller catches. There are weed beds there where you might catch some perch, Wade confides.

Whatever your pleasure or preference of fish, Crystal Lake delivers! Plus, who doesn’t want to spend a peaceful morning or evening on the lake?

Interested in trying your luck? You can pick up bait, lures and gear as well as snag a fishing license in Frankfort at The Tackle Box , or Riverside Canoe, located just a couple miles north of Chimney Corners on the edge of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. And of course, you can stay with us and get that early start in the morning! Call us now at 231-352-7522 or book online at under the Check Availability tab! Almost all of our units have been discounted for the summer, including apartments at select cottages at 25% off. Rent a cottage for three nights and you’ll have a kitchen to cook up your catch! And of course, shameless plug for our beautiful beach shown off in these photos. Happy Fishing!