Resort FAQs

Detailed policies can be found here

  • As an overview, we require 1/3 of the total stay to book a room. If you are staying less than 3 nights, we require 1 nights total. 
  • Your remaining balance is due prior to departure.
  • We take all payment methods but prefer cash or check, there is a processing fee on credit card payments. 
  • In peak summer, the stay in standalone units is a 7-day minimum, and our rental schedule runs Saturday to Saturday.
  • If a unit has not been rented for a week less than 30 days prior, we may allow a shorter stay.
  • In the spring and fall, the minimum is 3 nights for large units and 2 for small. There is no specific requirements on check in/out day. 
  • Regardless of season, rooms in the Lodge can be rented by the night.

Cancellations and refunds are based when the reservation was made, what time of the season and the type of unit.

Cancelling after the below parameters will result in us keeping the deposit unless we are able to re-rent it for the same dates. There is always a 10% service/handling fee on any refunds.

Shoulder Season (Reservations that fall before Father’s Day or after Labor Day)
  • Cottages & Apartments: Cancellations must be received no later than 30 days prior to the reserved date.
  • Lodge Rooms: Cancellations must be received no later than 7 days prior to the reserved date.
Summer Season (Reservations between Week 0-10)
  • For Reservations made PRIOR to April 15th:
    • Cottages & Apartments: Cancellations after April 15th, will result in loss of your deposit.
    • Lodge Rooms: Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to your arrival, will result in loss of your deposit. 
  • Reservations made AFTER April 15, and throughout the summer:
    • Cottages & Apartments: For a reservation of 4 nights or more , a cancellation will result in loss of your deposit. For a reservation of 3 nights or less, a cancellation made less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, will result in loss of your deposit. 
    • Lodge Rooms: Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to your arrival, will result in loss of your deposit.  If we can re-rent your unit for the same time-period for the same rate, we will refund your deposit less service fee.

Deposit and cancellation policies are based on the originally booked reservation, regardless of modifications to stay length or time of year. 

Modifications such as a late arrival, early departure, no shows or any unused portion of your reservation do not reduce the deposit kept.


One of the things that makes Chimney Corners so unique is our seniority system for reservations. This means that guests that have been coming year after year get the first offer to reserve for the following season.

Seniority is built by the same family, in the same unit, for the same time period, after 2 years in a row. We allow families to miss one season and maintain their seniority in their unit for their week the following year. This ‘skip’ year can only be used once.

Because of our seniority system (described above), we allow guests with seniority first opportunity to reserve the units. That being said, you can fill out a reservation request form at any time! This allows us to know what you are looking for prior to reservations being opened online. 

Typically, we aim to have a general picture of the returning reservations for the following summer by October. We aim to have all repeat guests finalize their reservation by November 15, and online reservations open by December 1.

If you are looking to put in a reservation request for the following season, it can be done here!

Once reservations are opened for the season, there are many ways to reserve! Feel free to call us at the office, send us an email, or book online through our website under “Book Now”. We also have our apartments posted on and their affiliates*.

If you are using our booking engine and your dates are flexible, you can choose “See Entire Availability” to view a calendar view of all dates and units. If something looks available but you are unable to book it online, give us a call! While we can’t always override our booking policies, we may be able to help.

*Note about we are unable to modify your reservation if you book through this platform. Additionally, the rates are 15% higher! Book directly with us…it is more affordable and we can be more responsive to changes!

We are casual! We do not require a formal check-in at the front desk. 

  • Check in time is 3:00 pm. While we do our best to always have the units ready by then, on Saturdays sometimes things can run behind. You can always call the office the day of your arrival to get an updated check-in time. 
  • Locate your unit on our resort map here OR by checking the Welcome List in the main Lodge Office. 
  • Unit names (and numbers, if applicable) are outside the units. 
  • Your unit will be unlocked, with the keys inside. There will be a guest statement with an informational pamphlet attached. 
  • Make yourself at home!
  • Late check-ins: We will leave a light on by your unit. There is a map of the resort and a check in list on the desk in the main Lodge with your name and unit.

How to check-out at Chimney Corners:

  • Check-out time is 10:00 am.
  • Unless alternative payment is left in the unit (check or cash), or you have provided us with a different method of payment, we will process the credit card on file.
  • A list is provided in your unit for how we request units to be left at the end of your stay. 
  • We maintain the right to charge an additional Service or Cleaning Fee up to $150 should a unit be left in an unreasonable dirty manner, for smoking in units, or damage done to property. 


Activities change throughout the season, but in high-season we typically host a Monday BBQ (hosted by our neighbors at Rocks Landing) and a weekly beginner-friendly Yogalates class. 

We have over 300 feet of private Crystal Lake access. Hiking trails located on the resort with stunning views.

Tennis/pickleball courts, half-court basketball, beach shuffleboard, a play structure, beach chairs, styrofoam paddle boards, anchored swim rafts, firewood and a fire pot down by the beach are all included amenities!

Stand up paddle boards and kayaks are available for an additional fee.

We have 2 hoists available to rent for $45/day. The hoists are available on a first come, first served basis. Our hoists can handle V-shaped hulls (no pontoons), boats up to 20 ft and up to 3000 pounds. Due to the nature of the heavy south winds/large waves we get on this lake, we do not offer moorings.

We have a whole blog post about this topic- check it out here. We know you have concerns and we want you to enjoy your vacation. Some tried-and-true tips from us (that live and swim here all summer long) include: wear waterproof sunscreen as a precaution and a barrier for your skin. If possible, swim off the dock or off the swim rafts to avoid the shallows, and avoid swimming on south wind days (when the waves are big) since it can bring more of the swimmer’s itch into the shoreline. After swimming, rinse at our beach shower and towel off vigorously.

All but two of our standalone cottages are dog-friendly. There is a $30/night dog charge. We do not allow dogs in units that have shared entrances or common areas (Lodge and Apartments).

We love having dogs around the resort and are one of the few vacation rentals that is dog-friendly! What we don’t love is when we have to spend longer cleaning a cottage because a guest brought a dog without making prior arrangements and we were unable to provide dog blankets. Please let us know if you are bringing your pup along- moving forward if there is a dog in a unit without prior arrangements, we will add the dog-fee and an additional cleaning fee.

All units have their own WiFi. The Lodge also has WiFi if you want to work from our dining rooms or porch! That being said, hosting WiFi for 27 units in the woods is subject to minor interruptions. We troubleshoot the WiFi constantly, but if you have an issue with the WiFi during your stay let the office know. We may be able to fix it immediately or get you on another nearby network.

The Boathouse Cottage has a washer and dryer in the unit, but other cottages do not. The laundry facility at the resort is not available for guest use.

That being said, beginning in June we offer daily towel exchange to our guests so that we can swap out any soiled bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, shower mats, kitchen towels, etc. with clean ones.

Second generation owner Mollie Rogers felt strongly that Chimney Corners should be a respite from daily life…and implemented a rule about no phones or TVs in the units. While cellphones and laptops have changed things, we still try to honor the intention that your vacation should be an escape from it all. Our mantra is disconnect to reconnect.

However, we know that sometimes it is still nice to have access to a TV (especially in the fall for our football-loving guests). The Lodge sitting area has a TV for all guests to use. Bluewater and Froshblick also have private TVs. Woodsmere has a smart TV that has streaming or casting capabilities (but no cable).

Upstairs Lodge Rooms 1-5 have in-room air conditioning. Lakeviews 2-5 have wall-mounted air conditioning units. For non-air conditioned units, every room will have a fan.

There are coffee pots in each unit (shared coffee station in Lodge). Each stand alone cottage has a fully equipped kitchen. Lakeview #1 and the West Hills also have a full-sized kitchen.

Lakeviews 2-5 have kitchenettes (mini fridge, microwave, hot plate). The Lodge Apartment has a small refrigerator and microwave. 

We do not provide beach towels, so bring those along!

While it may seem silly to mention it, two additional amenities we offer are customer service and on-site owners! In a world of short term vacation rentals that have gotten away from having a real person available to help, we still do things the “old-fashioned” way. If there is something we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know! Housekeeping or maintenance concerns will be addressed promptly. We love getting to know our guests and try to treat everyone like family. We want Chimney Corners to be your home away from home.