Discover the Seasons

While summer is beautiful, spring and fall in Northern Michigan offers a wealth of unique tastes, sights and sounds to explore and enjoy as well as discounted rates on our lodging.

Spring awakens the senses and reminds us that there is a world outside our living room. Come enjoy the fresh breath of warmer weather by wandering through the newly green forests, hunting for the treasured and delicious morel mushroom, delighting in the budding wildflowers that carpet the landscape. Listen and witness as our woodlands come back to life, teeming with furry and feathered neighbors returning from their southern travels and winter slumber. Celebrate the beginning of the growing season as the country side unfolds its roadside stands and the local farmer’s markets begin to show off their wealth of vibrant new produce. Festivals abound, rejoicing in the fresh spring scents and flavors from asparagus and berries to leeks and lilacs.

In the fall, the foliage takes center stage as the forests transform into breathtaking watercolors of ruby, russet and gold. Enjoy the peaceful quiet of summer’s afterglow, with the scent of wood fires drifting on the breeze. A scenic drive from pumpkin stands to cider mills are a must do as you stop to taste the wares of the local vineyards, markets and restaurants reveling in the bounty of the autumn harvest. Festivals and celebrations marking the end of the growing season continue throughout September and October in Northern Michigan.

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