Historic Lodge

Dinners have been served in our Historic Lodge dining rooms since Leola and Olin Rogers opened the doors to guests over 75 years ago. Over the years, through a variety of circumstances, dinner has gone from seven nights per week to just one highly popular Friday dinner. Our chef, Steve Tebo has elevated our dinners from a simple buffet to a gourmet menu, often featuring fresh selections from both Lake Michigan and locally sourced produce and meats. For the coming 2018 season, we are pleased to announce that Chef Tebo has decided to lease the old Beach Dining Room space down on the shores of Crystal Lake to bring back dinner seven nights a week! Although this means the Friday Night Dinner in the Lodge will not be served, we are excited about the new offerings our guests and the public alike will be able to enjoy. For more details about this new endeavor, follow Chimney Corners Resort on Facebook for updates throughout the winter.


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