Lot 20/21

 Lots 20 & 21 located in Woodsmere Hills Association at Chimney Corners.  Both lots together are approximately 1 acre and have mature maple and cherry hardwoods. There are two separate buildable locations for your home.  The lots are located in the north west corner of the Association property and have seasonal filtered views of Crystal Lake.  Natural gas is available.  They have deeded beach access to the main Chimney Corners beach area as well as a described road easement to your home.  There are currently 9 homes that are used mostly as summer residences.  Only a few more double sized lots will be available for future sale.  List Price: $65,000 per lot.
Please direct inquiries to Jim Rogers at:  jim57@chimneycornersresort.com  mobile phone number: 231-715-9546.

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