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Swimmer’s Itch-2023 Update

Swimmer’s Itch (SI) has been in the area news a lot lately! We understand that you may have questions or concerns. The good news, as of August 2023, we have had no guests report a case of swimmer’s itch on … Read More

Welcoming 2022

With the new year brings new updates on the resort and boy, do we have a lot of them! Scroll through to see all that’s new in Twenty Twenty-Two. Alexa…play “Changes” by David Bowie. Updates with our units… The Lakeview … Read More

Lakeview Love

Well, it’s the summer of post (well, maybe not quite over) pandemic at Chimney Corners Resort and we are just as busting-out-busy as we have ever been. Seems like everyone wants to get back to traveling, and even staying a … Read More

Froshblick Loft – A Winter’s Tale in July.

Sometimes a project takes precedence when one small fix becomes a catalyst launching a major renovation. … Read More

Historic Lodge Renovations…the Journey continues…

What to do? You can’t exactly bump out the walls and create a bigger space when you are talking about the second floor of a historic 1910 construction. The solution? We merely knock out a wall and combine the two rooms! We no longer have a Room #6, but we have one heckuva Room #5. … Read More

Fall for Chimney Corners

It’s no secret that fall in Northern Michigan is probably the favorite season for most of the locals. While most of us appreciate the quieter streets and shops, the real attraction is the astounding wave of color that seems to … Read More

Gone Fishing (in Crystal Lake)!

One of the biggest attractions for visitors to Northern Michigan is fishing, whether it be on the “big” lake (Michigan), or any of our numerous smaller lakes that dot the region. Chimney Corners Resort, located on scenic M-22 highway, is … Read More

Springing Forward

For those of you that have stayed with us here at Chimney Corners Resort, you are aware of the many different options of lodging we have; smaller apartments, a historic Lodge bed and breakfast, and cottages that sleep anywhere from … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Chimney Corners Resort (& Benzie County) in fall.

Top 10 reasons to visit Chimney Corners Resort (and Benzie County) in the fall: #10 Warm Days, Cool Nights, Great Star Gazing Autumn is arguably the best season is Northern Michigan for bodily comfort. With average high temperatures in the … Read More

Always something new.

We get it. You slave away at work at a desk or inside a building with only the thought of your eventual vacation escape to sustain you through the days. Sometimes a little news of a treasured getaway spot can … Read More