Immediate Openings


You now have the ability to book online on our website home page!!


**These openings are subject to daily change**

May 1st-June 10th:

Good availability with GREAT Spring rates!

Memorial Weekend:

West Hill Apartments, Lakeview Apartments #2, #3 & #5 and Lodge Rooms…

June 10th-June 17th: (LAST WEEK OF SPRING RATES!)

West Hill Apartments #1 (6/15-6/17 only) & #2 (6/11-6/17 only), Lakeview Apartment #4 (6/11-6/13 only), Lodge Apartment (6/11-6/13 only), Lodge rooms…

June 17th-June 24th: (full week rentals are offered at a discount!)

Good availability  and Friday night Lodge dinners and Wednesday night BBQ’s begin this week!

June 24th-July 1st:

West Hill Apartment #1 (6/24-6/30 only), West Hill Apartment #2 (6/24-6/30 only), Lakeview Apartments #2 & #4, Hillside cottage (really cute and cozy with a great deck!), Lodge Apartment(6/25-6/28 only) and Lodge Rooms…

July 1st-July 8th:

West Hill Apartment #1 (7/4-7/8 only) &  West Hill Apartment #2 (7/6-7/8 only) -sleep up to 4 and sit directly above the beach,  Froshblick Loft (7/5-7/8 only) and Lodge rooms….

July 8th-July 15th:

Lakeview Apartment #4 (7/8-7/14 only), Froshblick Loft (7/11-7/15 only) and Lodge rooms…

July 15th-July 22nd:

Highview cottage, Silverwood cottage, Lakeview Apartments #3 (7/15-7/18 only) & #4 (7/17-7/22 only), Froshblick Loft and Lodge rooms…

July 22nd-July 29th:

Lakeview Apartment #1 (full kitchen, sleeps 6, great for families and directly across from beach!), Froshblick Loft (sleeps up to 5 people & very economical for a cottage with a full kitchen), Lodge Apartment (7/22-7/26 only) and Lodge rooms…

July 29th-August 5th:

Lakeview Apartments #1 (sleeps up to 6),  #2, #3, #4 & #5, Froshblick Loft (7/29-7/31 only), Bluffholm Cottage (sleeps up to 14 people!), Lodge Apartment (7/29-8/3 only) and Lodge rooms…

August 5th-August 12th:

Lakeview Apartments #2-#5 (all situated directly across from the beach at a great price!), Bluffholm Cottage (sleeps up to 14 people with 5 bedrooms!), Highview Cottage, Silverwood cottage, Hillside cottage and Lodge rooms…

August 12th-August 19th:

West Hill Apartment #1, Lakeview Apt’s #2, #4 & #5, Bluffholm Cottage (one of our largest on the property), Silverwood cottage, Highview cottage, Froshblick loft, Lodge Apt (8/15-8/18 only) and Lodge rooms…

August 19th-August 26th:

Good availability… book online or over the phone

August 26th-September 2nd: (full week rentals are offered at a discount!)

Good availability…book online or over the phone

After September 2nd:

Good availability and fall rates apply!…book online or over the phone


You can book online from the Home Page or call the resort at 231-352-7522 to book your vacation.

Off season office hours vary… If we are out, please leave us a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as we can!

Or email us at